Developer Information

Listed under documents is the final draft of the SRF Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the City of Bottineau.  Adopted October 2013.

Building Permit Application

Under "document"  is a voided building permit application that can be used for informational purposes only.  It will assist you in knowing what information is needed when you make an application.  Please note that the application is not valid until approved & signed by all parties that are part of the approval process.  Remember that we also need sketches or blue prints of your plans.  The more information you can provide at the time of application, the better.  Thank you.  Please contact the City Office at 228-3232 for further information.

Developer Steps

This document will serve as a guideline for developers as to how the process works, timelines & information that the City will need to take action on development plans. 

Developer Policy

This document will explain what is required of a developer in order to comply with city policy.