Snow Removal Policy

The City of Bottineau will generally start moving snow in the early mornings (4 am).  The first places to be cleaned out are the emergency areas:  Hospital, Ambulance, Sheriff's Office, Court House, Fire Hall & Armory.  After that the focus is by the schools & downtown businesses.  The residential areas are then rotated.  It is a huge help to the city crew to have all vehicles removed from the streets prior to the snow fall.  These vehicles are subject to towing, ticketing & both.  Thank you!!

Emergency Snow Removal Route & Policy

Click on "documents" to find our emergency snow route map.  In case of a snow removal emergency vehicles must be off the streets by 3:00 a.m. to allow for the removal of snow by the City Crew.  The City Crew will generally wait until a storm has passed before they start removing snow.  Vehicles not removed will be subject to towing, fines or both. 

The general rule for snow removal is to start with the emergency routes (by ambulance, hospital, sheriff's office, fire hall)  Then we will proceed to the downtown & school areas.  After that the residential areas are rotated.  

Thank you for your patience during snow removal.  Remember to stay clear of the snow removal equipment.