Trees/Forestry Dept.

Bottineau is a Tree City USA

Bottineau is proud to be a "Tree City USA" since 1988.  There are several areas of criteria that need to be met each year regarding tree care, in order to receive the "Tree City"  status.  This award is given through the National Arbor Day Foundation and the ND Forest Service.  The City of Bottineau has in the past been awarded various tree grants to assist with planting projects and tree care in the City.  Arbor Day is celebrated each year with the planting of a tree.


Wayne Miller, City Forester is available by calling the City Office 701-228-3232 to answer your questions regarding tree care & maintenance.  Mr.Miller operates Wayne Miller Tree Service out of Westhope, ND.  THe City Forester is overseen by the Mayor and the Shade Tree Committee.  Members of the Shade Tree Committee are:  Brian Knudson, Chairman, Fred Kainz, Council Rep., Keith Fulsebakke, Kari Beckman, Sandra Jensen and Penny Nostdahl.

City Tree Programs:

The City of Bottineau offers trees, stump removal and removal of diseased/dead trees at no cost to residents for boulevard areas only.  The tree & stump removal are offered in the spring/early summer of each year.   Only certain types of trees are allowed for planting on the boulevards.  Call City Office for more information.  228-3232.

The Forester will prune, plant and maintain street or boulevard trees, but will also offer advise to residents on trees in their yards.  Any work done on private land or in residents yards is the responsibility of the property owner.

City of Bottineau has in place a tree ordinance which addresses the removal of diseased trees, such as the ill-fated Dutch Elm.  Dutch Elm diseased trees will be removed at no cost to property owners when located on the boulevards.  Diseased trees in private yards are the responsibility of the property owner.

Small branches and leaves may be brought to the City's recycling center for disposal at no cost.  Larger branches must be brought to the City Landfill for disposal and charges will be made depending on the size and the amount.  For more information on recycling, click on the recyling sub-section of the City Departments section.  For more information on the Landfill, click on the Utilities sub-section of the City Departments section.