Water, Sewer, Garbage, etc.

Water, Sewer, Garbage, Street Lites, Lagoon, Etc.

ITY OF BOTTINEAU - PUBLIC WORKS BUILDING - 9851 CO. ROAD #47 - BOTTINEAU ND 58318  701-228-3620  LANDFILL  701-228-3668


For information regarding City Utility billings, please call the City Office 701-228-3232.  All customers are required to inform us prior to moving into a residence/business and prior to moving out to allow for accurate billings.

Utility billings are issued toward the end of each month and are due in full by the 20th of each month.  Delinquent bills will have services disconnect after a 60 day period.  There is a re-connect fee of $50.00 if your services are disconnected due to a delinquency.  If you are having problems paying your utility bills, please contact our office and we will work with you as best possible.  Your cooperation is appreciated.


 Current water rates:  0 - 1000 gallons (minimum) $23.33.  $7.29/thousand after 1000 gallons used.   A water sur-charge of $5.50 per account is assessed.  This sur-charge is used for water lines, well maintenance and reserves for water treatment options.

As of November 2022, we are purchasing our water from the NAWS system.

Contact City Superintendent Tony Schwalbe for more water information at 701-228-3620.

Replacement of water service lines is the sole responsibility of the property owner.  Any lines leading off the City's main line are considered private.  If you are experiencing poor water pressure your service line may be plugged and need to be replaced.  A fee  will be assessed by the City for the breaking of new pavement when service lines are replaced.  Property owners are encouraged to replace old service lines prior to street paving projects to avoid this fee.  Fee is based on area.  

Annual Water Quality Report is available at the City Office.  This report is required by the State of ND.


Current sewer rates are:  $10.50/unit for residential,  $11.50 for businesses, but it varies depending on size.

As with water service lines, sewer service lines are the responsibility of the property owner.  Any line leading off the City's main sewer line is considered private.  A fee will be assessed for breaking new pavement for a service line replacement.  If you feel you need to replace an old sewer service line, do so prior to street paving projects to avoid  this fee.  The fee is based on area. 


Current garbage rates: We have a new residential garbage can system.  The first can to the home is free of charge.  There are two sizes available - 48 gallon & 96 gallon.  If additional cans are needed they can be purchased at the City Office & will be delivered by the City Crew.  The free can must stay with the home & will be serial numbered for tracking purposes.   $18.00/household unit/month or $21.00/household unit depending on the size of can your home needs. Additional cans will change the monthly fee:  an additional 48 gallon can add $9.00/month & a 96 gallon add $11.00/month.  Business rates vary depending on the number of pick-ups/week/month.  Minimum business garbage rates are $25.25/month for a 1 time/week pick-up.

Dumpster fees are in addition to the garbage rates, Dumpster rent is $8.50/month.  Dumpsters are for use by the parties that rent them!

Garbage Pick-up Schedule:

Monday:  Business Places.

Tuesday:  Business Places, Bennett Street, Spruce Street, 10th St W Between Forestry Drive & Elm Street, Elm Street, Forestry Drive, Nelson Street, Preserve Addition, West Pine Circle, East Street, 5th St East from Brander to East St & all streets south of Hwy 5. 

Wednesday:  Business Places, all streets from the RR Tracks west to Bennett St. 

Thursday:  Business Places, all street east of the RR Tracks with the exception of East Street & 5th St East from Brander to East St. 

Friday:  Business Places. 

Saturday:  No pick-up.

All garbage must be placed out on pick-up day no later than 9:00 a.m.  If your scheduled pick-up day falls on a holiday, your pick-up day will be the next day. 

The garbage truck will only pick-up household and business-generated trash.  Residential garbage will only be picked up using the City issued cans.  If garbage is lying beside the cans or other type of cans are used, they will not be picked up.  Items such as furniture, wood, trees, metals, junk, etc.  must have a special pick-ups.  A fee will be charged for special pick-ups depending on what is being picked up and the weight.  Call the City Office for special pick-ups 701-228-3232.  The following items cannot be picked up:  Tires, Batteries, Appliances, Solvents, Oils and Paints.  Please call City Superintendent Keith Fulsebakke at 701-228-3620 for information on how to dispose of these items.

Every Spring the City has a Boulevard Treasure Weekend.  On the selected dates, residents may place unwanted junk on the boulevards and other parties may take these items if they wish.  On the following Monday, any items left on the boulevard will be picked up by the City crew at no charge.  Please note that we cannot pick up the same items that are listed in the paragraph above.  Next Boulevard Treasure weekend will be in May of 2015.


The entire cost of the Street Lighting system in the City is divided among residents and businesses.  A cost of $5.00 is assessed to each utility billing account to assist in the cost of the street lighting.


The City Lagoon is located 2 miles south of Bottineau.

Lagoon fees are .50 cents to $1.00 for residential, depending on water usage.  Business rates vary depending on size and water usage.


Bottineau's transfer station was built in 1993 and our landfill was closed.  A inert landfill is operated.  City inert landfill is located just west of the Public Works Building.  Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Monday-Friday.  Summer hours include Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to Noon.  City's garbage is hauled by an independent contractor to a landfill by Sawyer, ND. operated by Waste Management of ND.

Fees for landfill use vary depending on the type of material hauled and the weight.  Landfill operator will determine fees at landfill, or call 701-228-3668 for more information.

Commercial rate for household garbage is $65.00/ton.

The following items are not accepted at the City landfill:  Tires, Batteries, Oils, Paints, Solvents and Appliances.  Please call 701-228-3620 for information on how to dispose of these items.


City Ordinance states that all residents in the City must patronize the Municipal Utility Department.

For residents that fly south for the winter:  Your utility bill fee will only be waived if you vacate your home for 3 months or more & have the water turned off.  If the meter moves in the time you are gone, full charges will be assessed.  City Office must be called prior to your leaving and immediately upon your return.  701-228-3232. 

Several members of the City Crew are certified Water & Waste Water Operators by the State of ND.

Bulk water is available for purchase on the North side of the Public Works Building.

Water meters are read monthly (around the middle of each month) by City Staff.