City Council Committee Meeting Notices & Minutes

Council Committee Meeting Notices will be posted as soon as possible.  Regular Council Meetings will be posted under the "agenda" subsection.  Minutes from Committee Meetings will be posted shortly after each Committee meeting.

Armory Committee

Members of the Armory Committee:  Matt Seykora, Mitch Schmidt & Greg Stewart, chairman.

Beautification Committee

Members of the Beautification Committee are: Harley Getzlaff, Kelly Beaver, Whitney Gonitzke, Tony Schwalbe, Penny Nostdahl, Todd Kihle, Laurie Lord,  Jenifer Lauckner,  Carrie-Cote Grindeland & Quinn Beckman. The Chair of this committee is Penny Nostdahl. Please click on "documents" for the latest committee meeting notices & minutes.  This committee is responsible for the downtown flower pots, etc.

Bottineau Swimming Pool Board

The Rec. Commission (Pool Board) is responsible for the maintenance of the Bottineau Pool.    

Members:  Kirsten Hopp, Alison Getzlaff, Erica Hamilton, Janelle Monson (Manager), Greg Stewart (Council rep.), Keirney Schultz & Kyleigh Evans. 

Census Committee

This committee was formed to promote the 2020 Census.  The members are:  Perry Schoenborn, Doug Marsden, Ben Carlson, Launee Hamnes, Scott Wagar, Rick Gustafson & Penny Nostdahl.

Click on "documents" to view agendas & meeting minutes.

Community Center Committee - formed by City & Park District

This committee was formed by the Park District with 3 City Council Members as members also. For copies of meeting minutes please contact Brian Knudson at 701-228-3030. 


Click under documents for the lastest meeting notice & minutes. Meetings are being held in the East Room of the City Armory.





City Property Committee/New Fire Hall Committee

Members of the City Property Committee are:  Doug Marsden, Andy Freeman & Myron Langhaug.  Chair is Marsden. 

Please click on City Property Committee to view recent agendas & minutes.

Employee Committee Meeting

Members of the Employee Committee:  Doug Marsden, Andy Freeman & Matt Seykora-chair.  

To view the most recent agenda/minutes please click on Employee Committee Meeting.

Finance Committee Meeting

Find the most recent minutes & agenda's for the Finance Committee under "document".  Please note that the Finance Committee has a standing agenda for 6:15 p.m. prior to the monthly City Council meeting to review financials, bills, etc. 


Members of the Finance Committee are:  Matt Seykora, Dean Fix, & Douglas Marsden.  Marsden is the chair for this committee. 


Fire Hall Building Committee

This committee has been set up by the Mayor for the purpose of constructing a new Fire Hall Building.  This committee is made up of 3 City Council Members & 3 Bottineau Fire Dept. Members.

City Council rep's:  Doug Marsden (chair), Myron Langhaug & Andy Freeman.

Fire Dept. rep's:  Stuart Coleman, David Vad & Jeff Soland. 


"Click" under documents to see the agenda's & minutes from these meetings.  

Misc. Meeting Notices

Please look under attached documents for notices of special committees or misc. meetings.  Thank you.

Ordinance Committee Meeting

 See current agenda or minutes by clicking on Ordinance Committee Meeting.

Members of the Ordinance Committee are:  Gary Mortensen-chair, Jeremy Ketterling, Greg Stewart. 

Planning Commission Meeting

Members of the Planning Commission:  Norm Reitan (Fire Dept. Rep.), John Derr, Matt Seykora, Brandon Nehring(Extra-territorial Rep.), Tony Schwalbe (City Superintendent), Josh Lorenz, Karsten Batsch, Larry Lord (Building Inspector), Dan Vandal & Penny Nostdahl, Auditor(Secretary & Member).  Mayor Schoenborn is the chair for this committee. 

Click on Planning Commission Meeting to see attached agendas/minutes.

Police Committee Meeting

Police Committee Members are:  Julia Mehlhoff, Doug Marsden, Greg Stewart & Gary Mortensen.  Mortensen is the Chair of this committee.

Click on Police Committee Meeting to see current agenda & minutes.

Renaissance Zone Committee

Search under documents for the agenda & minutes of the Renaissance Zone Committee.  Members of this committee are:  Nicki Weissman, Diane Lorenz, Penny Nostdahl, Tim Davis & Garrick Johnson.  We currently have a vacancy.


Shade Tree Committee

Current agenda's & minutes available to view under "documents".

Members of the Shade Tree Comm:  Penny Nostdahl, Sandra Jensen, Brian Knudson Chair, Anthony Schwalbe, Gary Mortenson, Kari Beckman & Cody Clemenson.  The City Forester is Wayne Miller.

Special Assessment Commission

Click under "documents" to review the agenda/minutes of the Special Assessment Commission.  Committee Members are:  Dennis Nickelson & Orlando Gorder, Jr.

Street Committee Meeting

Members of the Street Committee are:  Perry Schoenborn, Gary Mortensen-chair, & Greg Stewart.

To view current agenda/minutes click on Street Committee Meeting. 


Tax Exemption Committee

Members of the Tax Exemption Committee:  Pat Brendan, Howard Beyer, Lance Kjelshus, Perry Schoenborn & Penny Nostdahl, City Auditor. 

Click on Tax Exemption Committee to review current agenda & minutes.

Trails Committee - formed by the Park District

Trails Committee was formed by the Bottineau Park Board, but includes a representative from the City Council.  Current members are:  Brian Knudson chair, Brad Robertson, Darrell Waters, Trudy Marum, Tom Nowatski, Whitney Gonitzke, Greg Hagen, Harley Getzlaff, Kathy McGhan, John Gregg, all Park Board members & Penny Nostdahl, secretary.   To see minutes/agendas please click on "documents".