Zoning & Building Permit Information

Zoning information:

There are 9 zoning districts located in the City of Bottineau:


  1. R-1:  Residential one family
  2. R-2:  Residential one family
  3. R-3:  Residential two family
  4. R-4:  Residential multiple family
  5. R-4.5:  Residential multiple family
  6. R-1-A:  Residential one family including modular homes and double-wide mobile homes
  7. B-1:  Neighborhood Business District
  8. B-2:  Central Business District
  9. M:  Manufacturing District

For specifics of locations for zoning areas, please contact City Office 701-228-3232.

Our local zoning ordinance (Chapter 6) is available under the "Ordinance" section of this web site.

Building permits are required most types of construction including fencing, decks & sheds.  The Building Inspector is available M-F 9:00 a.m. to NOON.  or by appointment.  Call 701-228-3232. He can assist with your permit application & questions.  Fees apply. 

Re-zoning proceedures:

To re-zone property a formal request must be made to the City Council with information provided to them on development plans for said property.  After the initial request is heard, there must be 2 publications in the local newspaper and a public protest hearing at the next City Council meeting.  Party making the request must pay for the publications.  City Planning Commission may also asked to be involved with the development stage of a re-zoning request.

Building permits need to be obtained for any new construction prior to development   More information on building permits can be found under the License and Permits sub-section of the City Departments section.  See attached documents for our policy on front steps/deck/landings & fences.